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Close up of a simple mouthguard being held up by an excited white woman.Night mouthguards are ideal for people who suffer from bruxism. Bruxism is a condition where one grinds or clenches their teeth. The condition is typically an unpleasant and unfavorable situation because it harms your teeth. The worst part of bruxism is that there is no treatment; the only option is to wear a night mouth guard. Do you have a bruxism problem? Visit Lombard Smiles to acquire a night guard for optimal teeth protection against grinding.

The Advantages of Night Mouthguards

A night mouthguard protects your teeth from injury while preventing plaque accumulation. A sports mouthguard differs from a night mouthguard. A night mouthguard minimizes teeth clenching and grinding, while a sports mouthguard safeguards your teeth and gums from injury. Therefore, please don't wear a sports mouthguard at night as it prevents saliva from accessing the gums and keeps bacteria on the gums' surface. Saliva is necessary for the mouth because it helps neutralize acids that can cause dental caries. Saliva also helps prevent plaque by cleaning the mouth of all food particles.

The majority of night mouthguards have holes that let saliva get into the teeth and gums. Talk to your dentist about the best night mouthguard to buy to avoid hurting your teeth. Chronic headaches can be prevented by wearing night mouthguards. This is because a severe headache is one of the most common symptoms of bruxism, resulting from strained muscles in the shoulders, lips, neck, and jaws. A custom-made night mouth guard can prevent recurring headaches.

Types of Night Mouthguards

Night mouthguards are categorized into three: custom-made night guards, over-the-counter guards, and hard night guards. The most popular and common night mouthguards are custom-made night guards since they offer a customized option. They're made by taking a mold of your teeth. Your dentist will make you a night mouthguard utilizing advanced techniques and materials. As a result, these guards last longer, are more comfortable and can be personalized.

Over-the-counter mouthguards are usually pre-made to fit any mouth. They come in a range of shapes and sizes, including boil-and-bite night guards that you soften with hot water for a customized fit. Wearing night mouthguards for an extended period can cause your bite to change.

On the other hand, hard night guards are appropriate for persons who suffer from severe teeth clenching and grinding, as well as TMJ, as they aid in treating these conditions. These mouthguards also help your jaw muscles relax by preventing teeth from shifting. Hard night mouthguards are made using acrylic materials; thus, they are robust and long-lasting.

How to Choose a Night Mouthguard

The purpose of your night mouthguard is to protect your teeth from clenching and grinding. Make sure you get a comfy night mouthguard. Night mouthguards that are uncomfortable are hazardous since you will not enjoy wearing them. Furthermore, the type of night mouthguard that is appropriate for you is determined by your oral condition. On the other hand, custom-fitted mouthguards are the best because they are manufactured from your teeth' impressions. Lombard Smiles can customize an ideal night guard for you. Call us today at (503) 206-0550 for more inquiries.
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