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Dentist for Seniors
Portland, OR

Happy, senior patient looking at himself in a mirror with a pleased male dental assistantAs we age, our oral health becomes a crucial part of maintaining our well being overall. Problems with our teeth and gums affect our ability to eat, speak, and can even lead to changes in our appearance. Seniors need specialized dental care because this becomes more and more important as we grow older. Here at Lombard Smiles, we specialize in taking great care of our senior patients.

Dental Health Challenges for Seniors

As we age, our mouths change. Without proper oral hygiene and dental care, these changes can have a negative impact on oral health. The dental health challenges that seniors often face are:

Tooth Decay and Cavities

Tooth decay isn't limited by age, but seniors are more susceptible to decay due to dry mouth caused by medications, receding gums, and changes in diet and oral hygiene practices. Brushing and flossing each day, and regular check ups with our senior focused team are crucial at every age.

Gum Disease

The chances of developing periodontal gum disease and gingivitis grow with age. Poor dental hygiene, smoking, and other conditions can cause gum disease in seniors. This leads to tooth loss, and other problems with oral health.

Dry Mouth

Many seniors experience dry mouth. It is often a result of the side effects from medication. However, it can also be caused by medical treatments, or other conditions. Saliva protects our oral health by washing away food particles, neutralizing acids, and maintaining a healthy biome within our mouths. Dry mouth creates heightened bacteria growth, tooth decay and infection.

Tooth Loss

Tooth loss is common for seniors due to gum disease, tooth decay, or inadequate dental care. Missing teeth make it difficult to eat, speak, and it negatively affects our confidence. Restorations for missing teeth are important to restore the form and function of our senior's smiles.

Oral Cancer

The risk of oral cancer increases with age, especially for those who smoke or consume alcohol regularly. We take great care with cancer screenings on our senior patients. This practice allows us to detect unusual growths early, which improves the outlook for treatment. Early detection of oral cancer greatly increases the chances of successful treatment.

Specialized Dental Care for Seniors

Seniors have to deal with specialized oral health challenges, so seniors need specialized, senior focused dental care to maintain their oral health effectively. Our team specializes in senior dentistry, and we understand the individual needs of each patient. We provide tailored treatments for each one of our senior patients. The services that we offer are designed to promote oral health and quality of life for seniors. These services include:

Comprehensive Oral Examinations

Regular check-ups are essential for seniors to assess their oral health, identify any issues, and treat them quickly. As we age, prevention and fast action become more and more important to our health.

Professional Dental Cleanings

Regular cleanings remove plaque and tartar buildup, which reduces the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. This is especially important for seniors who no longer have the dexterity to maintain their own oral health.

Restorative Dentistry

Restorative treatments such as fillings, crowns, bridges, and dentures repair or replace damaged or missing teeth. This restores the form of the smile, and normalizes eating and speaking. We understand the unique challenges of tooth loss for seniors, and provide the best solutions for each case.

Treatment for Dry Mouth

We work with patients to alleviate dry mouth by recommending saliva substitutes, staying hydrated, and medication adjustments. When we solve the problem of dry mouth, senior patients reduce their risks of infection and tooth decay.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Regular oral cancer screenings are an essential part of dental health for seniors. We carefully examine the mouth, throat, and surrounding tissue for any signs of abnormal growths. Early detection and diagnosis increase the chances of a successful treatment.

Preventive Care

Education is the best tool to prevent dental problems for seniors. We provide guidance on proper oral hygiene, diet, and lifestyle choices to help our senior patients be proactive about their oral health.

Tips for Senior Oral Health

Patients benefit the most from our senior focused care because we encourage patients to be proactive about their dental health. This includes:

Good Oral Hygiene

Brushing and flossing daily are essential habits to prevent tooth decay and periodontal gum disease.


Drinking plenty of water throughout the day combats dry mouth, and keeps oral tissues moist. Seniors should sip water regularly, especially if they take medications that cause dry mouth.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Nutritious foods promote our well being, as well as dental health. Seniors should consume a variety of nutrient rich foods. A balanced, nutritious diet provides essential vitamins and minerals for overall health, and strong teeth.

Avoid Tobacco and Alcohol

Smoking and drinking alcohol increases the risk of gum disease, oral cancer, and other problems. Seniors should avoid tobacco and alcohol to protect their oral health, and overall well being.

Dental Appointments

Regular check ups are crucial for seniors. Especially for oral cancer screenings. This allows our team to detect and address any issues quickly. Even seniors with dentures who no longer have natural teeth should see us regularly for an examination, and to keep their dentures fitting comfortably.

Denture Care

Our senior patients who wear dentures should clean them daily to remove food particles, plaque, and bacteria. Dentures should be soaked in a denture cleaning solution overnight, and brushed daily.

Contact Us Today!

Maintaining oral health is essential for our senior patients to enjoy a high quality of life as they age. By being proactive about their oral health, and forming healthy habits, our patients preserve their smiles and oral function for years to come.

For specialized senior dental care, call the Lombard Smiles team at (503) 206-0550 to schedule an appointment today.

We offer expertise, compassion, and individualized treatments to address the unique needs of our senior patients, and ensure optimal oral health throughout their later years. With proactive dental care, and some help from our team, seniors can continue to smile confidently at every stage of life.
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