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Dental Cleanings
Portland, OR

Smiling patient sitting a dental chair while her dental assistant speaks with her at Lombard Smiles dentist visit.Teeth cleaning is a preventive dentistry practice that eliminates plaque and tartar from the teeth surface, thereby reducing the risk of dental cavities, periodontal disease, and oral cancer. It also aids in the development of an attractive and healthy smile. The majority of people brush their teeth at home with toothpaste and a toothbrush, or they floss their teeth. However, brushing the teeth and flossing cannot prevent plaque and tartar build-up; hence you must have a complete and deeper teeth cleaning by our dentist.

Teeth cleaning should be done twice a year or at least once, but patients with dental disorders require their teeth to be cleaned more often. Lombard Smiles offers quality professional dental cleaning services.

Benefits of Dental Cleaning

Dental cleaning helps you maintain better dental hygiene and offers a number of other advantages. The most obvious advantage of teeth cleaning is that it brightens your smile and reduces foul breath—polished teeth and better breath result from removing the stains that have built up on your teeth.

Teeth cleaning also helps to prevent gum disease and dental cavities. Plaque build-up promotes tooth decay, resulting in cavities if left on your teeth for too long. Gum disorders are caused mostly by bacterial infections in the gum lines and gums. Cleaning your teeth can prevent you from tooth loss. Plaque build-up causes your gum line and teeth to loosen, leading to gum disease, and eventually, tooth loss will occur.

Professional teeth cleanings are beneficial to your overall health. For example, gum disease can promote heart disease as the bacteria in the gums can shrink the arteries. Besides, the bacteria in the mouth can lead to bronchitis if it gets into the lungs.

Who Requires Dental Cleaning, and How Often Should It Be Done?

Deep dental cleaning is an effective preventative dentistry practice for both adults and children. It should be done one to two times a year. The frequency of teeth cleaning is determined by the patient's dental needs. For example, some people are more prone to tooth problems and, as a result, require regular dental appointments than those who do not.

What happens During Dental Cleaning?

Before the actual dental cleaning procedure, our dentist will thoroughly examine your neck, mouth, and other facial areas. Our dentist will also take vital signs such as blood pressure, temperature, respiration, and pulse and ask about your overall health, dental history, and social background. Our dentist will also carry out an oral cancer screening and inspect your whole mouth, teeth, and gums for any serious signs.

If need be, your doctor may order X-rays to detect any irregularities that may necessitate further treatment or referral. After collecting all assessment data, the team will create a treatment plan to fix your specific oral needs.

Dental cleaning consists of three phases. The first is tooth scaling, which gets rid of layers of films or substances from the surface of your teeth. The second phase is tooth polishing, which smooths the teeth's surface. Lastly, debridement involves eliminating any build-up tartar that cannot be removed through scaling.

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Dental Cleaning in Portland, OR
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